Physicist (gn*) for Gallium Nitride on Silicon material development 

         At our site in Burghausen we are currently looking for a Physicist (gn*) for Gallium Nitride on Silicon material development to enhance our
         compound semiconductor R&D team.

         Siltronic is developing a new semiconductor material based on Galllium Nitride on Silicon (GaN/Si) epitaxial wafers which promises higher     
         efficiencies and better performance for power and RF devices. Main task of this position is to characterize the substrate, further improve  
         the material performance and adapt the layer stack to different applications.

Your tasks

  • Characterization of III-N Epiwafers (structural & electrical characterization)
  • Development and data analysis of GaN metrology
  • Support MOCVD Process development of GaN/Si layer structures
  • Collaboration with customers and research partners

your PROFILe

  • Master or PhD in physics, material science or electrical engineering
  • Background in compound semiconductor technologies
  • Knowledge in advanced material characterization (e.g. defect analysis, surface properties, using XRD, AFM, PL)
  • Experimental skills in epitaxy, most suitable experience in GaN/Si MOCVD deposition
  • Commitment to the project`s success and willingness to collaborate in an innovative R&D Team



We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly specialized hyper pure silicon wafers with diameters up to 300mm. Being an international market player, we serve the quality-focused semiconductor industry worldwide and partner with many leading chip manufacturers.

*gender neutral

Site: Burghausen
Employment relationship:Full Time  
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