PhD thesis on GaN-on-Silicon epitaxy

Over the last couple of years GaN-on-Silicon has been developed as a promising material system for high performance power devices. A new and promising approach towards higher voltages and currents are vertical transistor technologies. These new concepts require new kinds of thick GaN layers with various doping types and concentrations epitaxially grown on a silicon surface. It is the target of the thesis to gain understanding in the epitaxial growth structure for such concepts and the related material defect types.

Your Task

  • Development of GaN layer structures, running epitaxial GaN-on-Silicon deposition tests using commercial MOCVD tool
  • Material analysis, evaluation of related defect types
  • Refinement and improvement of characterization methods in cooperation with Siltronic metrology and supporting institutes


  • Masters in Physics or Material Science or Electrical Engineering
  • Theoretical background on semiconductor physics and devices, material characterization and growth methods
  • Strong motivation to carry out epitaxial deposition, look into defect formation and developing models
  • Experimental skills on semiconductor material growth, defect characterization preferable




We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly specialized hyper pure silicon wafers with diameters up to 300mm. Being an international market player, we serve the quality-focused semiconductor industry worldwide and partner with many leading chip manufacturers. 

*gender neutral

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